Indian Lentil Stew

This warm vegetarian dish is best made in your slow cooker! Cilantro, spinach and curry are a great combo. I highly recommend serving this stew over brown rice, or with warm naan. Adapted from here. Serves 6.

  • 1 C dry red lentils, rinsed
  • 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes, with liquid
  • 10 oz. chopped frozen spinach, thawed and drained
  • 1 can chick peas, drained and rinsed
  • 2.5 C vegetable broth (or chicken broth)
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 jalepeno pepper, seeded and minced
  • 2 Tbsp fresh ginger root, minced
  • 1 Tbsp curry powder
  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • juice from 1/2 a lemon
  • 1/3 C fresh cilantro, chopped

Put all ingredients (except lemon juice and cilantro) into slow cooker and stir to mix evenly. Cook for 4 hours on high, or 6-7 hours on low. Add lemon juice and cilantro immediately before serving.


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