Connally McDougall Design

“You have to love fashion and design with all of your heart, because it doesn’t pay you first. I’m learning about trust in my passion, as I just emptied my accounts to cover rent and am relying on the food bank to get groceries. This is all for passion and love. The opportunity to show in Beijing (and now possibly at NY Fashion Week with my upcoming Spring Collection) is massive, yet currently unobtainable. When I doubt that this path is right, because it’s depleted every resource behind me, I have to have faith that something miraculous will happen, and each of you is a miracle in my journey. It would be cheaper to use sweatshop-produced fabrics. It would be cheaper to have everything made in China, but isn’t it time we put our wallets where our hearts are? Thank you each so much for your support. I’ve given everything I have for this and cannot thank you enough for every dollar you’ve each contributed to make a stand for ethical clothing. Please continue to share and support this vision.



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